Safety Info and Waiver

Download and print the waiver linked below. Bring the filled out waiver with you to OTP and get on the field quicker!


Welcome to On Target Paintball Georgia, we are committed to giving you the best paintball experience with the highest safety standard. Please take the time to look over the rules, they have been established for your safety and those around you. We hope this help you answer any questions or concerns about the way we run our field.

!!! Play At Your Own Risk !!!

Safety Rules
1 - Observe the "goggles on" signs, goggles are to be worn in all areas not designated safe. You will only have 3 warnings before you are asked to leave.
2 - Barrel bags must be on at all times unless you are playing. Your barrel bags must never be off in any safe area, infractions will not be tolerated.
3 - The staging and parking areas are designated safe zones, no firing of any kind is permitted in these areas at any time.
4 - Horseplay and reckless acts will not be tolerated, this is your only warning.
5 - Field Chronograph speed is 280 FPS or less, all players must chronograph their guns to this speed or under.
6 - Park your vehicle at your own risk! Paintballs may find their way to your car!

Field Playing Rules
1 - Only referees can stop a game.
2 - Refís rulings stand, do not argue with the refs.
3 - Any hit the size of a thumbnail counts, gun included
4 - If you are a hit say "Dead Person", raise your gun over your head get off the field to the dead box.
5 - If you think you are hit and cannot see it call a ref for a paint check. or ask your teammate. Cheating will not be tolerated.
6 - No overshooting, any more than 3 hits on a player is lame.
7 - No faking injuries, if you injure yourself please tell the ref so you can get medical attention.
8 - Cheating/wiping is not acceptable. If you are caught you will be made a point of, in front of the other players. Nobody likes cheaters. After first warning we will ask you to leave our establishment.
9 - If your goggles come off/fall off during a game, lay on your stomache and cover your face and head with your arms and yell for a ref. Protect your eyes and face.
10 - No moving bunkers or spools on the field, they must be played as is.
11 - No hiding behind refs and/or "Dead Persons".
12 - No weapons are permitted on the field of any kind. ( knives etc.)
13 - OTP is not responsible for lost objects, so do not take anything on the field that you are not willing to lose.
14 - Surrender rule is optional, we encourage the surrender rule due to the number of young kids that play but if your opponent does anything other than raise his/her gun when asked to surrender shoot them!
Note: the surrender rule does not apply in speedball, if you cannot take it, donít play speedball!

Rental Equipment
1 - Your rental guns are to be treated as it was yours. You are responsible for any damage to the gun that is not normal wear and maintenance.
2 - The rental guns are not shovels, so donít dig with them, they also are not to be thrown or dropped on the ground.
3 - Rental equipment must use field paint only. You will only get one warning before being asked to leave.
4 - Paint that has fallen to the ground is not to be used. The sand/dirt will cause internal damage to our equipment.
5 - Barrel bag is included in your rental package, you are responsible for its return. If you lose the barrel bag you must pay $4.00 for areplacement. If you find the bag you lost you can return the purchased one for a refund.

1 - Physical violence or threats of violence are not tolerated and will be reported to the police.
2 - Foul language is not permitted on OTP property.

!!! Play At YOur Own Risk !!!


Pro Shop Only
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Sun: 12pm - 5pm

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